4 Actionable Things To Do Before Finding An SEO Company

It is a fact that more and more people are starting to rely to search engines to search for stuff. In fact, 89 percent of people are searching for products and services online before ultimately making a decision. As such, businesses need to be online in order to be visible to potential customers and that is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

Here are 4 actionable things to do before finding an SEO company.

Realize that SEO is a long term commitment

True, SEO does bring the highest Returns on Investment (ROI) as compared to Pay-Per-Click advertising, social media Good or bad seomarketing, or even purchasing leads for an email marketing campaign, but businesses have to realize that it is a long-term commitment and will take considerable amounts of resources, both time and money. In most cases, paying by project will usually set you back by about $1,000 to $7,500, while paying by the hour usually costs around $76-$200, depending on the scope of work and the resume of the SEO. The usual timeframe to completion also takes about 6 months.

Ask feedback for SEO

The truth is, not every business is suited for an SEO campaign. Why? Because the need for online presence varies from business to business. Businesses that probably don’t need SEO are those that people don’t search for online or really small businesses that cannot handle additional customers due to lack of physical capital. On the other hand, some businesses need SEO badly. These are ones that offer products or services that people search for online or those that are looking to expand.

Know what separates the bad SEOs from the good ones

The boom of the dot com era paved way for a plethora of online advertising agencies, both good and bad. The lack of governing body, however, means that the rotten seeds are mixed with the good seeds. It is the business owners’ duty, therefore, to separate the bogus SEO Company from the legitimate one. Failure to do so will prove to be fatal to any business.

Business owners have a special weapon for such occasion: asking questions. Simple but meaty questions must be asked in order to really filter these agencies. Asking questions like “how do you build links and do you use any automated software?” or “how do you deal with Google penalties?” or even “why are your prices that way?” are sure fire ways to identify which companies really care about their client’s business and which ones only care about money.

Read a bit about SEO

Sometimes make-believe SEOs will talk in jargon to their prospects so they can’t ask any more questions. How can they ask if they don’t understand? This is the main reason why reading a bit about SEO is a must before consulting any SEO firm.white-hat-black-hat-seo

Basically business owners only need to watch out for the Black Hat SEO guys. What they do is spam the heck out of a website until it ranks on the first page of a search engine in as little as 3 weeks. It does sound good – quick rankings and all – but with black hat techniques, it will be a miracle if such website survives for a month. As one can see, these techniques are frowned upon by Google. A lot of black hatters still use it though which only proves further that they are shady marketers – trusting them is fatal to business. What’s more these services are often cheap to entice people into buying, so business owners need to watch out for these traps.

What people should do is to opt for White Hat SEO tactics. Some signs that an SEO firm uses White Hat SEO techniques are their use of content marketing to get links, use of creative ways to reach out to influencers, and finally, their non-usage of automated tools or if they do, it is very minimal and only use them to aid in efficiency.


These are some actionable tips that business owners need to keep in mind before contacting an SEO agency. These tips will enable people to distinguish between the bogus companies that are only out to get a quick buck from a legitimate SEO agency that truly cares about their clients’ businesses.

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