Basic Things to Remember When Conducting Safety Presentations

Speaker Safety presentations are group meetings that focus on specific safety concerns. Just like any safety issues, there is no point in having safety trainings just because everyone has to go through with it. Effective safety meetings can mean a lot to employees as these could save lives. Such discussions can provide important information about work safety.
Well, there are some basic things that all safety trainings should have. Employers, managers, and trainers have to be aware of these things so that safety meetings will be successful.

Make it Brief

Safety is very important in most working environments, including construction sites, hospitals, and oil rigs. However, this does not mean safety presentations should take hours to do. It would be better to hold smaller safety meetings on a regular basis instead of overloading the employees with information in only one session.
A safety presentation will be more successful if it is about 15 to 20 minutes long. The meetings should also be interactive between the management and the employees. While the information of the meeting is important, it is also necessary that employees would have an opportunity to give their opinion. They must feel that they their voice is important and the upper management is listening to them.


A safety presentation can be informal, but it is very important that it is led by someone who is in a position of authority. Random safety meetings that are held among employees might miss some safety issues. Moreover, they will not be properly reported or recorded.
When safety presentations are regularly held with a supervisor taking the lead, it will give the employees a chance to say their safety concerns. With a supervisor around, this would ensure that the issues will be reported to higher management.


Instead of a formal training room, safety meetings can be held in the working environment. They should put emphasis on the specific procedures and responsibilities relevant to the employees.
The safety trainer must ensure that he uses a language that can be easily understood. The employees must not be confused by the messages being delivered during the safety training. For instance, discussing safety-inspired changes on a specific method might be ignored if the employees have done it in a way that goes against the official instructions.

 Motivational SpeakersClearness

The topic must be clear to everyone at the onset of the safety presentation. It must be delivered in a way that will keep everyone engaged. When employees are not involved in safety presentations, everyone’s safety might be at risk.
Normally, a safety meeting will have one specific topic so that things will be simple and clear to all employees. How the information is conveyed by the safety trainer is another point to consider. Necessary one-on-one discussions must be held from time to time.


All safety trainings held should be recorded by a manager or anyone with authority who has conducted the training. It is necessary to have an updated and clear record of meetings that took place about safety measures in the workplace. If there will be no records, different stories of what has been talked about may arise in case an accident happens.
Likewise, it is important to keep a record of the employees who are present at every safety training session, specifically in working environments that have shifting hours. It would only take one employee to miss a crucial safety meeting for possible safety concerns to emerge.

Safety presentations are very important in a lot of industries, so employers (and everyone else who’s part of the management) must take note of these simple things to make every presentation successful.



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